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The STOOT Tribe is designed to help you awaken to lasting inner peace, and thrive in every area of your life. Get unlimited access to the best Online Yoga, Meditation, Spiritual Teachings, Live Workshops, Concerts & Fitness Classes for $9.99/month (pre-release membership sale! normal price - $19)

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500+ On-Demand Videos + Live Classes, Workshops & Ceremonies

On-demand Classes: Practice & Connect wherever you want, whenever you need.

+500 On-Demand Classes; a global network of instructors; classes of many different styles for any level.


You can experience the benefits of your practice at home or on the go, on any device

Live Classes: Practice Together Live

Live Teaching by video conference; a gym for body, mind, and soul; yoga, meditation, fitness classes & spiritual teachings.

Share the amplified energy of a Live Class.


This is an opportunity to connect with the community through the platform in a series of live events like workshops, circles, cacao, healings, group meditations, ecstatic dance, and concerts. 


Experience healing, breakthroughs, and powerful transformations.

Connect With The Community

Join a thriving community, just for members. Accountability Community - brothers, sisters, coaches. They’re there to help you and call you out.

The Community is an intimate, non-judgemental platform connecting real people for real conversations.

The Monthly Membership Includes:

  • Pre-recorded and Live Yoga, Meditation, Manifestation, Mindset & Fitness classes.

  • A mastermind group with mentors, brothers, sisters, and accountability buddies.

  • Monthly Workshops, Ceremonies, Ecstatic Dance, Concerts, and Circles.

  • Weekly Live Video Mentoring and Q&A Calls with Coaches

  • Learning how to break from stress, fear, and anxieties to experience the inner peace of meditation and oneness in your daily life.

  • Movement/fitness/yoga/meditation challenges and boot camps.

  • Support from Coaches


Every plan starts with a 14-day trial. You can cancel anytime within this period. Enjoy your membership by clicking on the plan that suits you best.



​​Gain unlimited access to our entire library, live classes, ceremonies & community on a monthly basis.

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then $9.99/month



​​Gain unlimited access to our entire library, live classes, ceremonies & community on a annual basis.

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then $99.90/year


✔ everything included in the yearly membership, plus:

✔ 8-week program Access Points Group

✔ 3 Private sessions

✔ 2 Live meetings per week with a coach

✔ Daily Mentorship with a coach

✔ Freedom with Emotions workshop

✔ Greatest Expression Of You workshop

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